What tools are you using to build backend admin portals ?

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    We have two. One is a simple Angular plus NodeJS one backed by MySQL. The other is a Angular plus Java and Apache Airflow (for Workflow management) backed by Redis and MongoDB

    By the way, I built neither of these
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    React in an S3 bucket, lambda with dynamo.
    JAM stack
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    Django with PostgreSQL
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    So all of you roll your own systems ? Why are there no good portal frameworks for this ?
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    The Django admin stuff is very good and really awesome that comes for free and very customizable.
    However most frameworks don't have this and it depends who the target audience is.
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    @dan-pud Django admin looks nice, but we've got commands we interact with across MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Lambda exections, etc. I've seen things like Spotify's "Backstage" tool, but I gave up getting it on its feet, in favor of rolling our own custom solution after a few hours of not getting Auth to work right. I'm honestly surprised there isn't an open source solution that can use plugins (public & custom) to wire up a few views, action buttons, some API calls, and a couple of queries all wrapped around a central logging & auth mechanism.
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    Blazor and C# 😎
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