I have this sbt test that keeps failing on CI. Locally it works fine but soon as it goes through circle CI, shit gets fucked. Now when I incessantly keep rerunning the working flow without any change, it eventually passes and I am able to deploy. I have no idea wtf is happening or what to do about it. Isn't containerizatiom supposed to solve this whole worked on my machine conundrum? I am too unenthusiastic and numb to even feel anyway about this. Wish everything would end.

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    That might either be a timeout or a test that doesn't cover all cases.
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    *passes a spliff

    Containerization doesn't fix amateur ops. It probably makes it worse.


    Containerization increases consistency. If things are consistently bad, it makes them consistently worse.
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    @SortOfTested Or - to put it another way: putting Shit in a box, does not make it smell any better.
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