I signed on to my teleconference 5 minutes before it started because I wanted to get a good seat.

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    > Claim Host
    > Enters the very same password I used to enter the room
    > is Host
    Chaos Zoom time!
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    I joined a few minutes later and Zoom has this waiting room annoyance released during this lockdown. People get really interested in participating the meetings, especially the host that they forget who joined and are waiting to be let in

    So yeah, better to join early
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    Every time I join early, Zoom has this annoying "This host is hosting another meeting" (or whatever) window that lingers until two minutes after the meeting starts. It then allows me in to find that literally everyone else has already joined and they've been waiting on me.

    So instead of joining early, I join 30 seconds late to make sure I get there on time. fucking zoom.
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