FFS everything I’ve touched this week has turned to shit. I’ve had to redo so much and I’ve got about half the work done I normally would. Everything I’ve put live has broken even after it was tested.
So this week can fuck the fuck off and keep fucking going when it gets there!!

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    Guess that makes you King Shidas. That's like Midas, except with shit.
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    @Pyjong I guess everyone has to have a talent, I’ve clearly found mine!
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    So i'm not alone in the "everything can be tested insanely well but through normal use i'll pop the entire thing like a pimple with an edge case" thing?
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    Maybe you are just bad.
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    @aviophile never claimed otherwise 😀
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    @UnicornPoo Nah no worries, as long as you know what you're doing it will come together ;)
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