I am yet to start the phase of life where i am more than just a student but i often see things around and have some thoughts. Recently i was feeling that the 2 biggest crimes a person could commit is being repetitively irresponsible or being always dependent.

Like, if i am a father , a husband , a sole earner or have someone dependent on me, i could not afford to make simple everyday mistakes that i often do in my current youth age and people ignore. These days i sleep at 5 am after watching movies, wake up at 3pm , knowing that mom has already made me food, my college mates have already made assignment, and there's nothing better that i could do . Life is relaxing.

But my dad cannot afford mu luxurious lifestyle. He cannot waltz on the bike at 90, he can't sleep till 3 , he can't afford to watch long webseries. Heck, he can't even afford to have a platform like this and rant or post stuff. He has to run at 6 am in morning to get groceries for our restaurant. I wonder how he or any other mature person relaxes their mind.

Similarly everyone has to show some boss characters in life. You can't rely on a stick forever, you got to have your own spine. Dad used to have a biz partner who took most of our restaurant decisions, but then business went low and he ran away. So at the end dad himself had to take up all the things in his hand.

I on the other hand am totally spinless. Clg has taken the decision for me that i gotta give papers that's why am studying. Later company will take decision to fuck me up and work infinitely and i might just do that . I usually never come up with a good innovative app idea with a solid vision and therefore end up following other people's ideas , visions, etc and that too rather incompetently.
I wish i had more courage.

'Responsible' people of devrant (bread earners, family runners, etc you know if you are one) , would you like to share your life tips or let me know if my thoughts are wrong?

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    I'm not responsible but I've been adulting for some time now.

    It all just happens when it has to. One moment you're a carefree student, next you start working and supporting yourself and maybe another person and you just have to do things whether you have the strength today or not.
    Humans in general act more easily with their backs to the wall.
    You just get into habits. And often you just do the bare minimum and that's fine too if you're drained.

    It's easy to fuck around when dad's paying the bill and mom making food every day. I used to be like that and now I really believe in making kids take care of as much of their own shit early as possible without overburdening them. Would have helped me.

    Also, you're not your job. You can stay a rank employee and self actualize some other way. There's not enough secret CIA psy-op funding for us all to be the next zuckerbergs anyway.
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    @AmbientTea i hope i am not too stupid to miss the time to act mature
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