I hate how different languages have different date.toString formats...

Just noticed this one...

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    Oh this is ok , time zones are more fucked up
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    No leading zero is an odd choice.
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    @Jilano probably put in md instead of mmdd...
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    Languages are allowed to define the default behavior. ISO format provides standards to apply across any language. If the language you are using doesn't allow you to set format based on these standards, you should either build a library to implement the formats you need based on the standards of uses better language to code with.
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    What exactly am i missing here 202066 is i guess yyyymmdd, right? Why is it so unusual?

    Plus in terms of android we just have to use the regex to place data month or year at any place. Its in the dev hands to write date as dd mm yy or mm dd yy or any other format ( although my fav regex would be ydyd mymy,but that doesn't work)
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    @StopWastingTime android is Java. Java date.toString is yyyyMMdd. But I think I was thinking Python which yMd.

    The conversion should be 20200606
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