Just me who doesn't get the attraction to making everything relating to a desktop RGB?

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    Meh, to each their own. I don't personally like the multicolored ones, but I like my blue backlit keys. Everyone has different tastes.
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    Lights in (and on) desktops come and go in and out of fashion - it's just the programmable RGB bit that's now more commonplace. It'll be considered "tacky" by the masses before too long, and the new cool will be a "clean" look.
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    Rainbows can be difficult to enjoy IMO but solid colors that breathe, or maybe a moving gradient of two or three specifically chosen colors is great. And the more things on your desk that are the same color, the better they fit together.

    RGB just enables that by being able to change to any color
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    @AlgoRythm RGB was the wrong word. I suppose the idea I dislike is the flashing colours and constant changes.

    Idk how these people get anything done without being distracted by those lights.
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    I love my rgb keyboard because i can set it to a nice mild tone. The brightness is also nicely adjustable. More than one colour at the same time or waves and bubbles no thank you.
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    How do you know it went a bit too far?

    RGB LED enabled RAM / DDR modules.
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    I usually prefer the RGB in ambient. I have them inside the System Unit, (Not on fans) and under the table/behind the display.
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    I happened to just picked up a blue light mechanical keyboard for cheap.
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    It's a fad, just like a lot of other stuff.

    Maybe it could be useful if you can get it to show some kind of status indication or to help you learn the keymap in a software that's new to you (but knowing how crappy most of the software that would control this is, it's too optimistic). Otherwise I prefer to keep the distractions down. Even the single LED on my current keyboard (that shows which layer I'm on) is somewhat distracting sometimes.

    Maybe I'd try some subtle underglow, but it's not something I'm specifically aiming for.
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    Just set it to a static color.
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    Ah yes indeed, it must be the most useless hardware fad that has ever surfaced. My nephews have lots of lights on their rigs, but they are kids, and kids like that. I set their keyboards to pulse in different colours and they fucking love it man.

    So in hindsight, I begin to wonder..

    Also to be fair, you cannot really get any entry/high level hardware without the fucking things. I get easily distracted by flashing lights, which is why my phone has no notification LED.
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    @theuser Many of the higher end OEM stuff has it, but if you look at the custom market, it's almost nonexistent.
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    it's so distracting and the drivers are often full bus exposers from userland.
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    @kamen please go to pcpartpicker and put together a high-end build with no RGB.

    I've done many, and you fucking can't without spending like $5000, and even that's not a guarantee.
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    @Parzi I'm talking about custom keyboards. Go to Geekhack and take a look at the IC and GB subforums.
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