Does anyone else here find vanilla css unscalable, to a point where it's just unusable

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    Definitely. SCSS all the way
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    Not sure what your use case is but it's possible that you're not using CSS to its full potential
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    I personally use CSS but split the styling into multiple files during development (as many as I need no matter how many). Using techniques based on modern css rules such as grid and flexbox makes it easy to scale css and write less styling code.

    Finally, I find an automated way to bundle them before going to production.

    SCSS is quite good as well if you find that easier.
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    If u lack best practice of course.
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    I kind of agree, but it definitely depends on how well you structure your project from the start. If you use classes, etc... In a good way from the get-go it works pretty well. But if you're unorganized it will bite you in the ass later, cause it's a real pain to refactor CSS.
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    It could get a little messy on hudge projects. The best is probably to do component based CSS, use SCSS and BEM methodology
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