20 minutes on a support call with a client trying to tell them how to quit vi. Lesson learned: charge for support by the hour, especially when you aren't allowed to touch the machine your system is installed on.

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    Why would a client find themselves in Vi?
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    They needed to edit a file on their rhel server, we falsely assumed a sysadmin would know how to do their job
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    In defense of people stuck at vi/vim, there's a trap in vi which is the moment a little... terminal? pops up at the bottom of the screen and starts "recording"?? all commands.
    It's opened by a misterious combination involving the 'q' letter which can turn a simple attempt at quitting vi (ESC, :q) into an absolute unending nightmare.
    Feel free to condescendently explain me the super conveniency of such a feature.
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    @OneOfSimpleMind I haven't used it yet but that functionality is macro recording.
    You store a sequence of actions/commands in a letter preset and call it by that letter to repeat said sequence.
    Very powerfull! I too have fell in that trap a few times. 😂
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