When a process works better than expected but you were hoping that it only works as expected...

USPS (mail service) is known for being crappy. I couldn't submit a temp address change via web bc I couldn't type my apartment unit # into their web form but a mail hold request where u manually just enter any address worked.

So I was at my parents for a month, just got back yesterday.

I put in a mail hold n before I left my apt, but expired on like Wednesday.

So when I got back Saturday, I expected a huge mail dump but I couldn't find any mail...

However last week I went to the local office and put in a Temp change of address bc there was a chance I'd go just to get the mail but not stay for other reasons...

Got confirm letter that it would be effective like Saturday.

I'm thinking it won't cover the mail held during the mail hold.

Well apparently it did... So now all my mail is at my parents but I'm back in my apt...

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