Cant decide whether to talk about how TeamViewer banned me because they think me helping my girlfriend all the time was commercial use,

or when she saw my porn while abusing my computer's GPU for training her model

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    Explain the second part. I don't know how that would work.
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    @kaae Teaching her how to do a blowjob.
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    Ah man I'm still so confused. Also what was the ML model for?
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    @kaae She used team viewer to login to my computer to run her code on it coz my GPU is better and thus her models train faster.
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    Last week i connected to a client’s computer to demo some shit out, so he didn’t open the app beforehand so i popped up chrome real quick and started typing...after www there were like 5 different porn sites, first being xhamster. Would have expected more from a bad ass “ceo”
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    @sleek Teamviewer did that to me too. It only went downhill from there, within a few more uses it became completely unbearable. I now switched to anydesk, and i'd recommend you do the same. It works just as good if not better, and none of this BS!
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    @eval i did the same the second they blocked me as well, honestly anydesk is a much better experience :)
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