I was on a 1:1 with my boss talking about my performance, recent tickets, HR stuff, anything I need, plans for the next quarter, etc.

My 4yo ran up, pointed to my boss on the screen, and asked "who is mommy on a call with?" I told him it was my boss, T, and that he needed to be quiet. "I want talk to T!" He demanded. "Hi T!" He wouldn't take no for an answer. We were pressed for time, so. As cute as it was, it wasn't very welcome.

It took like five minutes to finally make him leave. Now whenever I'm on a call, he runs up and yells "Hi T!!!!" at the screen. 😅 even when its standup or the engineering meeting with like 50 people.... thankfully there is a mute button! His face still pops up on camera, but most people understand and just laugh.

He's cute but he can be soo embarrassing!

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    > He's cute but he can be soo embarrassing!

    When he's 21, you'll be willing to sell your soul to anyone who recorded that meeting.
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    Mr. T be like: Whach you talkin bout fool!?
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    That's pretty adorable. I also like the part where you addressed the issue delicately, but firmly. I can totally sympathize, even if mine are of the "leave me alone" age.

    Before I bailed on the last place, there were 3 women on the daily call who seemed utterly unphased by screaming children running around in the background. They also seem uninterested in learning to use the mute button. One of them also had a beeping low battery smoke detector for weeks, I was tempted to go by her house and just start chucking 9v batteries at her. Absolutely worst part about this whole remote situation.
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    My dog jumps me everytime im on conference and hears other people talking (cant always use the headphones). I think he thinks theres some idiot hidden behind me or behind the desk just waiting to be torn to pieces.
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    For some reason we have one person who actually insists bringing kids to Teams meetings. There he is with his...I dunno..1-2yo toddler on his lap. "Isn't this adorable? Listen to him play this toy...". Every day. Every meeting. First others were like "ah this is cute". Not anymore...

    Luckily I only have 10 and 14 year old kids. They just come yelling at me in the middle of conf calls. "Dad, John farted at my face!" "Yeah...I am in meeting..." "But is stinks, can I punch him into dick?" "Yeah go ahead whatever, leave me be..."
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    @thatDude haha that's hilarious
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    Looks like @jAsE is back.
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