Wordpress is abolsute garbage trash. The devs who made the core appear to be drunk 24/7 when they wrote it and dont get me started with these fucking shit plugins asking you to GO PRO, GET THE PREMO VERSION, MOAR FEATURES!!!! Fuck this bullshit wordpress, masking itself as a "one size fits all" "Just add a plugin BrO" peices of shit, i hope this cancer stops, plugin devs think this is some place for their own personal billboard to advertise you dumb fucking products. Take a look at any plugin and look at the "Pro features" makes me want to die, peices of trash, fuck all of you

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    That's the spirit, and welcome to devRant!
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    Wordpress is always worth a rant.

    Proper rant is proper.

    One of us.
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    Yeah, duck this dumpster fire
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    This is one of the best devrant user names i have seen in a while.
    And welcome to devrant!
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    You could switch to Typo3...

    Don't forget to rant about it when you did.
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    I see I am one of the last soldiers still writing their own html
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