Anyone know what's the current situation with part-time jobs in the web development field? I want a job but I'm in college so full-time is a no-no. I've been trying to find something part-time (internships mostly) but I'm not a US citizen (some sites require that) and I'm looking for something remote, and that's been pretty hard to find. Any ideas where I can look for this stuff or if such jobs even exist?

The best I've managed to find are full-time internships, I tried applying to them seeing if I can work part-time instead but no one mailed back :(

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    Its easy to get a job:

    Know how to make a todo app
    Be fluent in hype
    Buy apple shit
    Don’t expect to pay your rent from what you make
    Wear shitty tennis shoes with a $150 suit

    Voila! Easy peasy
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