I ended my Medium Subscription today.

Non Technical =>
Repetitive posts, often by the same author saying pretty much the same thing.
Multiple copied of the same post being suggested all the time.
Click baity titles which have no real content.
Amazing amount of self promotion rather than any actual value in the article.

Very slow loading of media on the pages, videos don't even load.
Provided solutions in tech based articles often unconventional, super harmful in long term if you have them in your code.

I do agree that they definitely have some good content, but I don't feel it's enough to make me stay given all these issues.
I'd rather just use it on my pc without logging in.

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    No need to agreed or disagree to my points. It's just what I have felt after being a member for the past few months.

    Overall I think the suggestion algorithm could have been a bit better, I mean, I work all day and then I don't wanna come back in the evening to another *50 best VSCode extentions* article, just because I looked for it when I was 10..
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    You're the first person I know that actually had a subscription to behind with.
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    ended it too
    medium was good between 2015-2018
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    I never thought people would get a subscription
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    Same here. Dev.to FTW.
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    Just wondering, is anyone else's reading list flooded with premium articles even though you don't have a subscription. I found this very annoying so stopped using medium altogether.
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