Just ordered my first Android after using the same iPhone 6 since 2013 in 9th grade of high school

Got the Galaxy S9+ on the recommendation of my friend. Hopefully it's not too difficult to get used to

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    nah you'll get used to it. I found the samsung line of phones to be pretty easy to use. I am currently using the one plus line, I find them even easier and they are cheaper
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    Your friend hates you.

    Samsung is one of the worst android implementations to date. It's all pretty and shiny for the first few months.

    Then it starts.
    WiFi connections start dropping.
    Phone starts lagging.
    Battery suddenly stops lasting.
    You realise the camera quality is actually terrible compared to all of your friends phones.
    The leather case it came with is already in tatters and looks cheap.
    The screen is cracked because infinity edge means very crackable edge and no case helps.

    If you want an iPhone quality android phone. Have a look at Xiaomi Mi mix. Have a look at Huawei Mate or P series. Have a look at Google Pixel 3.
    My Huawei mate 10 pro (circa 2017) is still consistently getting better WiFi signal, better looking photos and less lag than my parents Samsung S9+. It's shit.
    By love of God don't go Samsung.
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    @parthanon damn man, we had far different experiences with samsung phones. Was using it from the galaxy s7 to s9 and never had a single issue.

    I did hate the Samsung bloatware bs they added to their phones tho, ngl. The xiaomi series are good phones, wish we had those brands in the U.S
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    @parthanon The only downside i've noticed so far is the battery, except for that, samsung phones have always ran without issues for me! (S3, s6 edge, s8).

    Rocking a motorola g5 plus on a degoogled rom currently and it runs smooth af (until i can go for a stable pinephone)
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    Maybe you've just kinda settled in and never knew anything better?
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    Ever since the Samsung S5: a semi-competent device in a world of mostly shit android phones.

    Keep in mind I'm comparing them to the iPhone. Any android device back then was faaar behind the iPhone 4, 5 and 6.

    Nowadays Samsung is only a mile behind the latest iPhone.

    But Huawei, Xiaomi, Oneplus are already ahead of it. In terms of battery life, camera quality, even touch responsiveness.

    But my parents Samsung S9+ reminds me more of the S5 than an iPhone :')
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    @parthanon you make good points man. I severely wish I could freely use Xiaomi and Huawei phones here. Checking on some forums it seems that some people have managed to get Xiaomi phones working well with certain U.S brands. Will check it out one day.
    Oh and welcome to devrant man!
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    It also sucks that Trumps gone and declared war on Huawei. I really love their Mate 40 Pro with the 7000+ fps slowmo but not having google :(

    And thanks dude 😇
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    @parthanon Of course there are better phones out there but why'd I use those when I'm happy with what I have? I just dislike the battery life but the S6 edge for example was very stable, didn't overheat and never lagged; worked perfectly fine. (and also, I find 200 the absolute max to pay for a phone)

    Also keep in mind that I'm not on social media (except for this) and only use my phone for calling, texting, Signal, SSH, devRant, Firefox and music so I don't need as much as you'd need when using Instagram and the lot.
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    @linuxxx whatever floats your boat.

    Huawei phones are cheaper than Samsungs. By a lot.

    And.. honestly the S9+ can't touch the mate 30 Pro with a 10ft pole.

    Why stick with the sore deal.
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    @parthanon Huawei locked their bootloaders and refuses to give unlock keys so nobody can unlock them anymore, that's a huge red flag for me.

    Except for the occasional selfie/photo I hardly use a camera at all so yeah...

    But, again, maybe someone just prefers Samsung. I used to want Huawei phones until they did that bootloader bullshit. Does Huawei have those unremovable apps as well?

    But, will hopefully exit the android market for the Linux one soon anyways!
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    Look Samsung put "KNOX" improved corporate security on their flagships and then handed out back door keys to government. So there's that.

    Huawei locked the bootloader for security. I used to root and ROM all my old devices. Helped a lot with the LG G2 for overclocking. But I've never felt that need on the Mate 10 Pro. It has everything I want. OS is 100% themeable by default. For any kind of linux access I use Termux. You don't need to completely shatter the selinux and compromise your phone just to get some functionality you can get from a third party app. Best rooting gets you is a couple more CPU governors and a way to remove the (harmless) bloatware. And my device has never been laggy so I'm comfortable with Huawei's choice in CPU profile.

    But that's just my opinion.
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