Hey, I need a little help here and I don't have a lot of time to figure this out.

I have this piece of code which I wrote in flask when I had just ventured into programming. The idea is that we have two excel sheets a search file and a demand file, all we need to do is search for the names from the demand file in the search file and then produce the result in an appropriate format. The problem, the names don't match up, quite often. Sometimes the spellings are wrong sometimes the way they named one things in the files is different, so, for that I have a keyword based search and I make another sheet called guesses where this data is then written.

I made it for my mom who's a doctor and does procurement (buying stuff) for the hospital. It was just a small project to help her and her team with a very inconvenient and boring task and I never could host it cause I really didn't know how to (in py) and I had used socketIO in flask along with threading and stuff. But now, shit has hit the fan as the software is suddenly in demand for obvious reasons.

Just help me host this thing somewhere. Thanks, link in comments.

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    Also, I'm very much in for suggestions for any alternative systems which do the same thing.
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    You can use google cloud, new account gets you $300 for an year which is enough.

    -Deploy on App Engine,
    -Redis memory store for caching with VPC connector.
    -Google cloud storage for storage

    Docs are more than sufficient.
    All the best.

    (P.s. I have only used google cloud that's why the bias)
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    Heroku, you get a decent url and 024 hosting for free. You add a procfile and click "import from github" and its up and running.

    Edit: for the spreadsheets you can just use google docs
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