The only reason I would choose mac and Linux over windows is because deleting node modules doesn't hang up the UI. You disappoint me windows.

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    rm -rf, terminal sessions are cheap
    Robocopy to null on windows
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    if you are using NodeJS on windows, then you should already be using bash on windows too.

    Just delete from cmd and move on.
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    I would love to try these but I rage quit and wiped my machine and replaced it with Linux
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    @codecrow good call. Soon you'll notice an 100 other reasons why you should've done the switch way earlier
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    @codecrow was the right decision. No matter what you use on Windows (yes the ui is slower because it first does the whole 'calculating' step first) NTFS is ridiculously slow on a large amount of files. A npm install or composer install that takes several seconds (let's say 25) on Linux takes about 20 minutes on Windows.
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    The only reason to have a copy of Windows somewhere is for gaming and familiarity with proprietary software like Adobe, Autodesk etc.
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    I rage-switched 2 years ago. Since then I only ran Windows once, temporarily, because I had to fix a legacy dotnet project.
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    ... you mean that it hangs the single specific explorer window from which the operation has been initiated, because the operation's progress popup is modal to that window?

    just open another explorer window.
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