How do i tell my boss all these sudden requests for new features I've been getting that seem unimportant but time consuming are huge distractions/velocity-killers from a project I've been working on with the business for the last month and should be released this weekend?

And well I may be out in for awhile soon for health reasons. So at this point I'm just thinking "you know what take your pick". I can work on your new requests now but for this other project... I'll give you the basics you can have someone figure out all the rest from the code. Good luck.

Code isn't too bad imo but the project is massive, spans multiple projects that integrate with each other.

And well I'm the only dev since boss never bothered to assign anyone else to help...

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    I'm also really the only one that can figure things out.... Without taking forever or needing someone to hand hold me.
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    The best way is to list all things with the most important things on the top and a line on how much you estimate you have time for before planned release.

    Then tell him he can either rearrange the list or move the deadline.

    If you also have some estimate per item it helps.

    But it can be a lot of work to do a good list and if its a bad boss it will not work anyway :/
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    I got something similar with current customer. They kept sending over small updates and tweaks to do right away but then ask why the main feature was taking so long.
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