Go is the first language with it's own dedicated hate page. Just go to golang.sucks

The anti-awesome github backing the website is also something I've never seen before.

Is GoLang really just a hype and a language created of retarted developers at Google ?

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    No. Next question?
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    It was designed by a pretentious boomer for junior devs from exactly two colleges (Berkeley and Stanford), so yes, of course it's going to have a very narrow strike zone.

    “The key point here is our programmers are Googlers, they’re not researchers. They’re typically, fairly young, fresh out of school, probably learned Java, maybe learned C or C++, probably learned Python. They’re not capable of understanding a brilliant language but we want to use them to build good software. So, the language that we give them has to be easy for them to understand and easy to adopt.”

    -- Rob Pike, https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/...
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    Well at this price, the comedy of it isn't cost effective.
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    I read some of the articles from that site, and while some have a few good points, others are just usual bashers who are disappointed in life and have nothing smart to say.

    I think Go is mostly appreciated by developers who had to deal with legacy or spaghetti code, developers who know that bunch of features, syntactic sugar and multiple ways of doing same things are only increasing complexity of the code in the long run and reducing it’s readability. Also developers who worked with high complexity over-engineered oop systems, where common patterns were misused resulting in bunch of hacks and workarounds. That said, you have to understand the problems Go is trying to solve to truly appreciate it, if you don’t, it’s natural you may not like it, because it’s not a language that has to offer something new, it’s a language that tries to solve common software engineering life cycle issues.
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