I will never understand people who voluntarily interview for a well-paid position while making off the cuff negative comments and generally sounding like an absolute arse the whole way through. Do you really feel like your "look at me I'm a tough guy" attitude is going to achieve anything more than your application being tossed in the bin?!

Yes, you knew your stuff brilliantly. Probably way better than I do in many areas. But damn, I wouldn't want to spend 5 minutes working alongside you.

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    Usually comes from 2 sources:

    - a genuine asshole
    - someone who has worked at a broken company so long that negativity is the only mode they have left, but lacks the introspection to realize that

    You'd think they'd have self awareness of that fact to hold it in through a single interview, but some people have no self control.
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    Movies have portrayed us as antisocial weirdos and the cocky cunt for so long now that many people end up acting like one of the two stereotypes. We're getting to the part where people are normal slowly but surely.

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    Unrelated, do you think American Standard should sponsor a bowl game?
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    @SortOfTested part of me thinks there should be less bowl games bc a 6-6 team has absolutely no right to be in a bowl game but the other part of me realizes from a standpoint of the players, it's a trip somewhere new (imagine getting to go the bowl game in Hawaii or the Bahamas... Jackpot) plus it gives the team extra practice sessions which is key for a young team.

    Why not tho? It'd make a bad ass name. The American standard game.
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    I complain about this a lot so I can really understand what you just said. The whole "I am a developer, everyone else is stupid so I treat everyone like shit" attitude fucking annoys me. What I fucking hate is that these people normally only act that way behind a screen and will literally never stand up for themselves outside in the streets where people do get their asses handed to them for giving unnecessary lip.

    @SortOfTested does bring a good point in which people normally act in this way because they have been jaded either by past interactions or because of work conditions etc. But dear me, you are going into an interview or about to meet someone new, why act like a complete tool to someone that has never done anything to you?

    The whole "coDe iZ liFe" attitude fucking irks me as well.
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    Truth in advertising.

    Though some marketing fops may also device to call it the "Toilet Bowl," so it's not without risk.
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    To me, its the difference between getting excited during an interview and not. If you're excited, it's hard to get negative.

    Turns out, humans gonna human.
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    @SortOfTested Shit that's fine too.

    Let the two worst teams play at FedEx field in DC (actually Maryland lol) since it's the shittiest NFL stadium, and the winner gets a golden plunger.

    I'd watch that without a question.
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    That might just be brilliant
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    @SortOfTested I'd legitimately would love to watch that game, tbh.

    You have to be a special kind of shitty team to only win like one game, and most of the times it's your already small asf schools that are that bad.

    We can take it a step further too. Winner of the Toilet Bowl plays the FCS national champion lmao.
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    @SortOfTested You're dead right, and I get it totally - but as you say, not being able to hold out for a single interview (and this was just a half hour initial interview too) is really damn worrying.
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