I just thought of an elegant solution to a problem in prod. Basically need to run 2 different versions of a app.

Just deploy it to uat and point it to prod db for the data.

I guess if we were following microservices architecture though we could deploy both versions to prod but we don't....

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    Depending in how your setup and architecture is you could possibly still deploy both. As long as there are some way to select which to use, but that all comes down to what you are doing.

    Even with MA you could end up with things that are hard to solve, and of cause, MS has its own set of problems, not the least that its mostly used for the wrong reasons or implemented in a bad way ;), defeating most of the benefits.

    Its no silver bullet.
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    @Voxera well we could do that we have a new prod machine but the problem would be making sure that that 1 machine's version doesn't get updated during a prod release.
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    Depends on your needs, but if you use Azure, you can look into deployements slots. (No additional cost and you can run up to 10 (i think) versions of your app).

    With Hot swap if needed
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