Why are ranters in general only inserting an image instead of quoting or linking the object of the rant?

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    - First timers can't post links.
    - a whole bunch of meme (shit) posters are here for the updoot farming like they would on reddit, which doesn't work well here.
    - got an example?
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    Some examples:

    Of course, i can search that stuff up. But this is the www. URLs exist for a reason. And even if not able to insert a proper link, appending the source URL would make idling through rants so much more fun - especially for rants about memes and news.
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    I'd say it's probably to catch the eyes of the "viewers". Many people are too lazy and won't click on a link if they don't have a specific reason, so posting the image directly "forces" them to look at said picture without extra steps.
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    @C0D4 Adding a link in the first comment should work.
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    What adds to the laziness problem is that you cannot catch link in the feed. When you click on supposed link, you are instead directed to rant.

    Plus embedding capabilities would be nice, ofc
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