you see people posting retarded shit, doesn't even relate to dev shit, with dumbass jase looking shit and you upvote it?

you're a fucking retard bruh

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    But..... how else do we farm doots around here these days?

    Sadly low effort posts are becoming more frequent ☹️
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    some dude been posting choo choo shit and retards upvote that shit man come on
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    @AleCx04 i saw that, dropped him from 4 to 3 and reported.
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    @Parzi @AleCx04 same. There was another a while ago pretending to be a dog... Who's in charge of the moderating in dR anyway?
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    @lkjhgf253 No one, We don't do that here.

    The train and dog accounts are probably the same person 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 admission of guilt I see :)

    So how do people actually get banned? Automatically once a certain number of reports is hit?
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    @lkjhgf253 I think with enough -- as spam @dfox starts getting hit with emails.

    Plus the user gets pulled from the feed, so they can still post, but no one can see it (as far as I know)
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    @lkjhgf253 you make enough report noise to wake up the admins
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    If you see unrelated/spam posts please let me know/tag me. We have an automated system but it doesn’t catch everything.
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    @dfox will do man thanks!
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