So my boss wants me to develop a complete business management solution + mobile app. (It’s a startup project based company). She doesn’t want to use dubsado / asana / etc and wants me to take the best of all and custom build it for her.
Now I was a mobile app developer. Native iOS and android + recently learnt flutter. No backend or web or api skill.
But screw it, I wanted to learn laravel since a long time anyway so that I could be an independent developer.
So I have agreed and started it...
Bitten more than I can chew? Time will tell...what do you think?

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    Depends how big of a feature set you're talking... Developing api's in laravel can go very quickly, but lots of features are still going to take lots of time
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    One big feature is Document templates. Invoices and contracts etc, I have no idea how complex this part would be.
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    @scout I have some experience with that (built a very similar application and still maintain / develop it). Am I understanding you right that it should take an invoice in the system and give a nice pdf, for example?

    If so, is recommend you use something like DomPDF, let's you use standard laravel templates and then render the html to pdf (with a few headaches). Completely programmatically constructing pdf's or word documents is doable as well, but getting those to have a reasonable layout is very very hard
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    @epse yes that’s what I meant, and that’s very helpful, thanks!!!! :D :D :D currently I’m making database tables structure.
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    @scout best of luck!
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    Thank u so much
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    @scout an extremely important tip: think about versioning.

    In most cases, invoices require archiving. ;)

    If u need help, feel free to ping.
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    I wouldnt take Laravel. It uses to much magic behind the curtain just to provide ease of access.
    I would use Symfony which is, despite of some bad docs and its clunkyness, more scalable and unopiniated. Even laravel is/was based on symfony.
    Using Flutter and Firebase ive managed to develop an app in 2 months and bring it to production in 3 month total alone and flutter and firebase are first timers for me so its defeinitly possible, depending on the scale of the project.
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    @IntrusionCM thanks a lot!! I’ve only just begun, I will definitely need pointers later, thank u so much, I’ll ping you!
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    @guarana oh I’ve already started and studied laravel basics, next time I’ll def try symfony! Thanks.
    And I agree about flutter - it’s awesome, I started it too in March and completed 2 apps already! It makes development so fast!
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