Hey Everyone! Just a question about C#

Does anyone know of a good learning resource for the absolute beginner of C#? It seems like the initial learning curve is absurdly steep, at least from the online training videos I've come across so far.

I'm asking about C# mostly because I have some pretty okay powershell experience and thought it would be cool to learn how to speed up my scripts dropping down to C# or .NET for performance.

Additionally, I wanted to learn a language I could use for actual app development, even though I'm a total noobstick. 😅

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    Use the free trial, or find a free subscription. I think Microsoft developers console has the free subscription still.
    It's a great way of working through, and the tests can gauge your knowledge as a way to see your improving.
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    The absolute best book on the C# language

    Pro C# 8 with .NET Core: Foundational Principles and Practices in Programming https://amazon.com/dp/1484257553/...

    Disclaimer: I've only been writing C# since alpha, so take it with a grain of salt.
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    @SortOfTested @C0D4 Awesome! Thank you for your insights, I had been only checking on Youtube and Udemy. Thank you for the Link! Checking it out now
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    Unfortunately, thanks to Covid-19 putting my wife out of work and restricting my hours I have to be a little budget conscious, but on the plus side my work has an O'Reilly learning account and it looks like they have Andrew's "Pro C# 7 with .NET Core" available!!! Lucky score 😄
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    @zymk Otherwise, signup to

    And use the learning paths here:

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    Be aware those are the learning paths for the certification courses. Which are a joke.

    Disclaimer: I was an authoring consultant on the .net architecture exam some years ago. Most of the oversight were people who barely knew anything.
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    @SortOfTested I wouldn't use it for a certification path, I mean... you could but 🤷‍♂️
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    Docs aren't what they used to be. It makes me sad. #oldfuckerlamentingwhatwasandscreaminggetoffmylawn
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    I'll be sure to check out the Micrsoft Developer network too and see what they have. I'm not too worried about getting certs for programming, I just want to start using a language that is performant and cross platform ready/capable.

    Strangely enough pretty much even language I've tried to get into previously works like a champ on linux, but running the same code on Windows felt clunky; or vice-versa. I've been using powershell core quite a bit between mac/linux/windows and it seems to handle all of them quite well hoping that by learning C#/.NET Core I can write actual apps.
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    @zymk C# was okay on Linux and very good on Windows in my experience. It could be a little more talkative and a little less "imma update everytime you open vscode and refuse to compile your code upon failure"-y.
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