Yes, i'm a programmer
No, I do not install windows and drivers
No, I don't know what is the best laptop for you
No, I don't know why your internet is lagy
I'm sorry, I'm just a programmer

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    Yes, I'm a developer
    Yes, I can install windows and drivers
    Yes, I can setup a MacBook or pinebook
    Yes, I can reboot your router and take your $30 and make it look like magic

    Sorry, I'm a developer, I make shit work!
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    @C0D4 You forgot to add "I charge you for that though"
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    @kescherRant ah, that's in that 1,000 page t&c's you agreed to by viewing that comment.
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    Yes I'm a windows router
    No I don't install internet
    No I don't fix your laggy
    No I don't know why your programmer is drivers
    Yes I can 30$ your setup and charge you
    I make work shit
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    Yes I use Arch btw
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    but, but you work with computers, don't? So be a good lad and fix this printer.
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    Driver "windows and drivers knowledge " missing
    Driver "finding the best pc" missing
    Driver "knowledge about network" missing

    Please contact your local system administrator to update your programmer.
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