So long in isolation, longer away from devRant.
Feels good to be back!

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    That red ponting stick grabs all my attention. 🥴
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    @byteOverBits Quite handy for web and gaming, specially when you travel light :)
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    Devrant bike crew
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    @SortOfTested We should request a bike for avatars
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    Awesome! Are you combining bike trips with some coding along the way? Because that's exactly what I've been thinking of doing myself. Where's this?
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    @dyte Yes, I do it a lot. I mean actually you can be thinking about a problem in any random situation and just come with an idea to implement it, and since wandering around is a most favored habit of mine 😎, I just stop at the next peaceful spot, pour some tea, and unfurl my outdoor setup (which can be just a pen and paper, depending on the situation 😊)
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    @dyte And btw, this is Chitgar lake, Tehran.
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    @beleg Sounds awesome! Do you stay near(ish) to your place or go on multi-day trips? I've been thinking of doing the latter, combining wandering, coding, and camping
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    @dyte No, It doesn't usually take more than a day; the furthest I went was about 30 kms away from home. Many times I'm just in my way to university, and sometimes I just go wandering around the city. But I usually try and discover new different routes.

    Longer trips are nice too, I really like to try an adventure like that. But you need to estimate and prepare food, electricity and survival stuff, plus a quite coordinated planning, which I'm not very good at 😁
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