I had a delivery deadline on the same day when an urgent support request came in. My boss was a stupid sucker who was afraid of taking responsibility, and that's a vice I absolutely hate with bosses.

We had quite a heated argument where he just wanted me to give priority to both things, which I declined because I had no idea how much time the support research would take me.

Finally, he decided that I should work on the support item immediately, but only for up to one hour. He was totally surprised when I accepted that without further argument. I told him that all I had wanted from him had been a priority decision, and that was one.

Felt like explaining to my boss what his fucking job was.

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    More people should be able to say NO.
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    @aviophile Yeah, because taking shit invites more shit.
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    Ugh. You sound like a bitchy girlfriend there: "All I wanted you to do was to make a decision, baby. I had the capacity to do what was needed, but not until you behaved like I wanted you to ^_^. Now that you have we can move on". LOL.

    Kidding aside, shit boss or not. That was kind of uptight.
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    @telephantasm I knew this asshole would first shift over both to me instead of prioritising and then blame me if one of them had been delayed.

    Also, he kept doing stupid shit that harmed the company, which is why I took care that he was removed.
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