Need a serious help as I can't find a solution to this. My Google search (homepage + results) changes the language to a regional one on every refresh. I want it back to English, I even changed search language setting and the account language for all apps to english. When it hinted, "some apps don't have the same language" in a toast message, I updated that too.

Now I don't understand what is causing this. Here's what I tried. I reinstalled chrome. Removed all my extensions. Used the chrome malicious software detection. Used a different browser- Edge.

I see this is a problem with my Google account as this only happens after I sign in. The language automatically changes to a random regional language, but the search language settings still show English selected.

I checked all the apps authorized with my account but there's nothing suspicious there.
I added "?hl=en" to the url as a temporary fix but that doesn't really help much if I'm on another device. I also found some video suggesting to add "/ncr" to the url. It somehow fixed this for like 10 secs. and then I refreshed to see- back to the same problem.

I tried looking for similar issues and even asked a question on google forums but no luck. Somehow after an hour of repeating the same process of switching the language in settings, it seemed like it got fixed. Until now, where I logged into another device and the issue is back.

Any help? Please? Thanks. :)

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    Totally missed mentioning one thing. I get a captcha for "unusual traffic from my IP" everytime I come back to the homepage- google.com after saving search language settings.
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    Are you on a VPN? Some use virtual IP addresses that show up as a different country.
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