Here's a brain teaser for you.

Does talking about the Master/Slave debacle technically classify as political discourse?

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    I'm pretty sure it's not political, I'm thinking it's on the sociological side of things though.

    Let's not completely blur the lines between BLM and SJW.
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    Yes it doesn't why do you offend my left leg?
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    @C0D4 At this point, one begets the other. Neither are totally innocent.

    But since it's directly due to a political strife in the USA I was just curious on people opinions, like yours.
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    At least half the fun (for me) of programming is googling stuff in the for outsiders most scary looking way. Who doesn't love googling if forked childs get killed automatically if the parent dies, or how to display latex, or how many slaves the memory of my master can support.
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    @gitreflog Always scary hoping there's not too many weird websites in the results
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