Career Tip:

If the HR asks you to not disclose your salary with others, most likely you are the one getting paid less.

Discuss your salaries. Know your worth.

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    I agree you should know what the fair market value is for your job position, but conspiring petty jealously between coworkers isn't a good career tip.
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    Just so you know, you can learn your worth without ever disclosing your salary
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    Having that discussion can be awkward for some coworkers (although I have no problem discussing salary). I think the best way is to just use Glassdoor
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    hah, i remember a job where hr asked everyone to not disclose salaries. i was like "why?". and they were like "because it's personal information.". and i was like "but it's MY personal information, so i can choose to reveal it, if i want, no?". and they were like "well... but you shouldn't, because it's personal information.", and at this point they were getting visibly confused that the bullshit excuse is not working on me. so i was like "no, I can do whatever i want with MY personal information, it's anyone else, for example YOU that can't reveal it.". and they were like "b... but... it's personal information..."

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    so after leaving the hr office, i told this in the form of joke to all the coworkers, told them my salary, and told them that whoever is willing to tell me theirs, i'm curious.

    made about 75% of the floor tell each other their salaries.

    i have the feeling that i made hr hate me that day, which is why they were unwilling to look past some issues i later had with getting sick leave signed by a doctor on time (because i wasn't his registered patient and had to wait a few extra days until i got my medical records sent from my old doctor in previous city), and so they were very happy to fire me for that as a "gross violation of workplace discipline"
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    But we are all forbiden to share salaries
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