Does anyone else think the corona virus outbreak was an attempt to save social security?

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    Oooh boyyyyy

    *grabs tinfoil hat*

    It's bc it's an election year and the Dems are tryna do everything can to fuck with the election.

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    @Stuxnet Mail in voting can be manipulated by anyone. At the end we find out that Russian bots tried to fuck with it and actually were the ones who spread the corona virus for that specific purpose.

    At least MSNBC will belive that one if Trump were to win.
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    @Stuxnet *in Russian accent* No we're not :p
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    While I agree with @Stuxnet, I thought the joke here was since that Covid19 kills predominately older people, social security will need to pay out less in the near future, so all that government spending of social security funds won't actually bankrupt the social security fund just yet.

    Why does the government spend social security money on things other than social security, you ask? Greed, mostly. 🤷‍♀️
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