What software methodology do you work on your pet projects?.. I'm a newbie and I'd like to get some rough ideas..

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    Evolutionary development: just banging out shit as shit comes, see what survives, then making it prettier.
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    Solve a problem, solve another problem, compose the solution into another solution. Rinse repeat.
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    @Fast-Nop "What a cute little bundle of shit! I'm going to call you: 'feature 1'!"
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    @Jilano In my last side project, I had a main() function with over 800 lines in the initial version. ^^
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    Honestly, I made an unnecessary library for java which was essentially java training for me.
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    On personal projects

    1. Write
    2. Test (manually) that it works (somewhat) well
    3. Write tests
    4. Refactor
    5. Jump to 1

    After few thousand iterations you have mvp.
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