2 factor authentication 😁

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    More accurate - to open this lid, you must go to the other room and open another lid.
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    More like
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    Needing surgery in 3, 2, 1...
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    I wish google authenticator had its own 2fa layer.
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    Pic about a pic about a pic about 2fa
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    Yeah this really isn't 2FA not even when you put a smiley face next to it.

    This is like asking for the password twice. But one of the fields is visible only after first is correct and slightly askew.

    I might have let you get away with it if the second layer didn't have a ring so you need an opener. Technically than it's still "something you have" for both lids (a tool to remove the lid e.g. the finger and a tool to open it e.g. old fashioned can opener).

    The 3 factors:
    Something you know (password)
    Something you have (hardware)
    Something you are (biometric proof)
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