Story time...
full-stack dev with a side project
get fired, side project gets investors money enough for me to do side project full-time
over-inflated CTO title but suddenly I'm not only coding but in charge of interns, operations, ML, strategic planning, etc...

should feel lucky but at the same time kind of not really sure what to do first since I'm kind of in charge of everything... facepalm.exe

any suggestions? thx!

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    Hire a CEO?
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    I've heard that a competent manager helps wonders. It doesn't even have to be fulltime. Heck even a remote manager from the Philippines will do if she/he has the right education.
    Check out www.upwork.com and https://www.toptal.com/

    And set aside 4 hours per week to improving your business management and marketing knowledge. You'll need it.
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    @benj very good video about the virtual assistant topic

    🎥 How To Hire And Manage Virtual Assistants To EXPLODE Your Business
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    @spongessuck we have a CEO, but he has very little to do and nothing to sell until I finish the MVP...
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    @heyheni by manager you mean virtual assistant? if not, I have never heard about hiring a manager! Would it be kind of like, "hey, this is what I'm supposed to do, manage me? (i.e. break down for me what to do?)
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    @benj CEO should be in charge of business decisions. Sounds like you're doing double duty.
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