does anyone else listen to the Pink Panther theme and other jazz while programming or am I an OutOfBoundsException

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    not a rant! 😧 the tag police must be comin
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    You posted this for the OutOfBounds pun, admit it.
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    Used to
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    @WildPotato nah i was actually listening to it but got so lost into it's looping playback, didn't type a single word and stared at the screen and now, an hour later, I'm going to sleep @WildPotato Personal projects do take a lot of procrastination for real though.
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    @Root some days it is jazz, and on some days it is wildin' Linkin Park to help me wake tf up 👉👈 Have I become so Numb? 👀
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    Not for work. But for the occasions when we gather up with my friends to play counter-strike. I always start humming that melody when it gets to last 2 standing. (or Jaws music when it's really intense :)
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    @Pyjong hahaha! Jaws. Nice! 👌
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