Waiting for a bus. And there is a 14 year old smoking and looking after 3 10 year olds. She then gets them to role her 'fags' and then they all smoke. They are blaring rap from a speaker I'm annoyed everyone is annoyed.

They get on a bus full of elderly people.

Then I have my moment. I hear they are switching phone that the speaker is paired to, for different music. They even say the device name! I quickly get my phone search Bluetooth devices and pair. I connected all I could think was play the tweenies. And so I did.

They have hysterics of laughter, but I try act neutral containing my laughter. They keep saying they can't connect and that it's not their music. This went on for 10 or so minutes of them turning volume up and down. Until they catch on someone else is paired to it. I turn off my Bluetooth and get off the bus, you are welcome society.

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    Hack3rman right there!
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    Youth is lost...
    I guess that's what hour grandparents said about us :p
    But trully...
    Now days 20's can't maintain a relationship, can't handle the harshes of life, have no respect... And next generation will be even worst...

    10y old smoking...
    None of them were pregment? I wouldn't be surprised
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    @RodrigoF I suppose that this happened in England. And this country is already lost, not just the youth...
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    @mlask I don't like being pessimistic but the whole fucking world is lost imo...
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    I did the same a few months ago but slightly less legal xD

    Some cringekids where playing emo trash with their bluetooth speaker.
    Just used a jammer (they are not exactly legal here :3) to disconnect them, then turn off the jammer and quickly connect myself.

    Then I proceeded to play some Devin Townsend...
    man, I loved their confuzzled faces :3
    It was like showing a programming nooblet a C++ Miner :^)
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    @RodrigoF nah dude, it's just juvanoia, nothing new
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    Hat guy from xkcd
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    @RodrigoF I agree with you on most points except the 2 first. It's extremely difficult to maintain a relationship where the partner only cares about money and you can't escape this because money is unfortunately nowadays what brings joy. That's not the same case as 20 years ago so don't bullshit by saying so.
    Life conditions are a fuckton harsher now as well, since finding a job that you can keep is difficult unless you work with computers and guess what snowflake, not everyone likes it.

    I'm sorry but I'm so fucking sick and tired of people complaining about young people without seeing the full context. The other points I totally agree with however, a little respect seems too much for people nowadays but it goes back to the money issue "I can't make anything out of you for my own profit so gtfo"
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    @RAZERZ It's called juvanoia: the old generation talking smack about the younger generation. Nothing new. Has always existed.

    Just ignore these old farts, their claims have no basis in reality
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    Oh my I would love to do this
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    Why play something different at a blaringly loud volume when you can just destroy the fucking speaker?
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