Switched from Android to iOS. Been using android since 2014 and now I’m on iOS 13 on the iPhone 11.

It’s pretty nice overall but there are somethings I really miss. YouTube vanced with its background audio and cracked Spotify were godsends. From what I’ve seen, adblockers only really work on safari but safari actually works just fine and it looks really nice too.

I can still use as my dns and have adblocking, I love it.

Pip is something I thought I’d miss but found that I really didn’t need it.

Sound and notifications are a big pain tho. Only one channel of audio? Cmon man. And notifications on iOS are a bit of a mess.

Control center is very very nice in terms of functionality and aesthetics.
Speaking of, everything in iOS just looks so good. The UI/UX Is incredible.

The display on my iPhone isn’t better than my s8 and some YouTube videos look kinda wack even at 1080 and even some nice photos I took on my s8 looked sucky ish. I think a big reason why the “android camera sucks lmao” meme still exists is because most iPhones have low pixel density and are maybe biased to make iPhone shots look better? Idk tho

I used to disable animations on android but iOS animations are very nice.

Shortcuts app is very cool, very integrated big supporter of this.

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    Vpn based adblocker, but local only.
    Add your lists and most In app ads vanish too.
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    I'm saving up for making the switch. And this post only makes me more curious 👀

    Vanced is great but then piHole came along...
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    It's funny bc Android is getting to be a lot more like iOS.

    Android 10 brought us gestures similar to iOS and now Android 11 brings us a media control center similar to that in the control center lol
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    i don't think I could leave Google pixel. this thing does a CRAZY good job of video stabilization. people ask me if my vids were shot on a drone. it's insane.

    apart from that, notifications are straight poopoo on ios. I really want to switch cause I love apple products. but man. pixel is just toooooo good.
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    @energy-vampire for the most part yeah I agree.

    I've had a few issues with it here lately, right before I started the 11 beta. It would occasionally take 5 to 10 seconds after pressing the power button for the screen to turn on, it wouldn't connect to Wi-Fi or cellular data for a 10ish minute span. The predicted life time of your battery not being optional pisses me off.

    But nothing beats pure Android without a shitty skin slapped on it, that's for sure.
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    Fucking poor people. How do people flaunt their thievery online?
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    @energy-vampire yea, my Pixel 3aXL's camera is so fucking awesome.
    I get the same question as you on occasion.
    But hey, it's nice and stable, not just the cam, also the OS and everything else
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    @Stuxnet that’s cool I guess but I also do really like the the fact that I’ll still be receiving major updates for this phone for a bit. But yeah I’m still excited to see how google implements an airdrop alternative and whether or not iOS and android phones could transfer files super easily
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    Cracked spotify? But i guess you like to be paid for your job
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    @Stuxnet and imo those two changes are downgrades
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    @electrineer nah

    Gestures are the best thing to happen to Android lol
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