Even though I hate PHP from time to time so that I’d like to hang myself. In your opinion: what’s the best PHP framework?

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    I like Yii2 because it helps preventing you from making Spaghetti code. Which is very easy to do in PHP.

    It is based on OOP and you could generate model, view, controllers in a single click and adjust them based on your needs.

    Making most of your code looks clean and maintainable. I have used CI before and as a team of "fullstack", actually, only 2 devs, putting our pages in one system it became a clusterfuck since We dont have a QA, or testers. All the codes were done quickly and dirty.

    After switching, Yii2 really helped improving our new system's maintainability. Which I think most of lazy PHP devs would hate to use since that would mean They have to use OOP and strictly OOP, while following Yii2 coding standards. But it saved me from banging my head on the keyboard wondering what the heck was the other dev did with his code, which happened when We were still using CI.
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    @dreamingpotata True! Been trying out yii2 for a while now, it’s certainly not bad!
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    Symfony is my favorite, OOP, MVC, Doctrine ORM, DI container and its extensibility
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    @dreamingpotata You know... frameworks don't stop bad code or lazy devs being lazy right?

    If I had to pick a framework though I'd jump on laravel.

    But 99% of the time it's native php with phpunit, throw that into a CI pipeline and shit code has a harder time getting through.
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    @C0D4 Yes. But some frameworks are more 'loose' with their standards. Making it really tempting for devs to just write however They want, in case where They need to get things done very quickly.

    I could only speak from experience where We dont have QA and testers, and things have to be done very quickly. Never said any other frameworks are bad, or if it is the only reason of good codes.

    I know that the main reason of bad codes in my workplace is the lack of devs. Hahaha. Not frameworks.
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    @dreamingpotata ah, yea I'm in a similar boat for the php projects, so I rely on phpunit to tell me off in case I miss something.

    Otherwise I still have to test everything myself anyway.

    Frameworks with devs who are either lazy, or like to fuck everyone over and overengineer code and reinvent the wheel when the wheel is literally built into the framework - that turns me away from them in general, unless It's a new code base and not some $2 devs spaghetti Im not going near it.
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    I like using none and making 30lines files to handle whatever I need.
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    I like codeigniter maybe because it's the only PHP framework I know.
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    Symfony for me.
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    Lately I’ve been using Laravel for some of my php projects. Really nice docs and good community. Used Yii and codeigniter from time to time, but as with everything there’s a tool for the job.
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    @sagunsh codeigniter's api is shit. try nette
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    @Midnight-shcode a man of culture I see
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    All you need is there plus look at the benchmarks.
    Low footprint, fast as hell.

    Your PHP will never be the same.

    You’re welcome.
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    @akshar lol .. blow my mind!
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