These mfers writing blog posts about basic shit are always the ones to drop gifs of people having their mind blown.

How fucking simple can you get?

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    "Everything has already been said, but not yet by everyone." (Karl Valentin)
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    Putting GIFs on articles or blog posts is always a big red flag...
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    Oh my gosh can you even? I can't even....this is just .... I can't even....

    /Strong concentration of compound 'S'
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    Hey now, don't discourage these people.

    Its something I sometimes look for when considering hiring people.

    It doesn't go favourably for them.
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    Umm okay. At least I don’t put gifs and memes.
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    @sudocode "It doesn't go favourably for them."

    Translation into US English: "Ain't gonna hire dem stupid shitheads".
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