Facebook has changed so much.
There was a time when we were so connected and had so much fun there with friends. Now it’s mostly about videos and ads. That’s all I see when I scroll. I hate it now.

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    I haven't sat down and scrolled fb in like 5 years almost.

    Damn it's been that long
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    You should try logging out and uninstalling the app. It feels so liberating once you stop thinking about it.
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    I remember joining facebook in 2009 so I could play Cafe World and Texas Hold'em Poker just like my cousin did. 😅

    It surely has changed a LOT for better or for worse. Mostly for worse ofc.
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    It sounds weird but I keep fb and scroll even tho I hate it, for the news.
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    @scout That is called an addiction.
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    @scout Twitter is better for news, but the humans are more vile.
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    I have never really been a fan. Just visit the platform once in a while
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    @scout That worries me a tad more than just using Facebook. There is no "real news" on there.
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    Used FB since 2009 and last September I finally deleted it. Missed it one time since then when I wanted to contact an old friend and I didn't happen to have his phone number. That was all. Phone battery suddenly lasted 3 days and my house has never been cleaner. So much time wasted on Facebook. Ugh.
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