Some wild thoughts, why not change the name from programming to progoogling 😐, cos thats what we do

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    You can't google it if the language is new or the lib is not popular.

    However, there is nothing stopping you to understand wtf is fixed at the stackoverflow answer.

    P.S: Duplicate request. Issue has been closed.
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    No, sir.

    Progoogling is copy-pasting answers from stackowerflow.

    Programming is knowing what to copy and where to paste it.
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    Googling isn't programming.
    Research is a huge part of it, but just copying code from the Internet never ends well...
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    Aaaaaand maaaaaybe some people don't use Google as their search engine...
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    While it was a fun joke(quite overused by now) I also feel its a bad idea to joke about it too much because it leads people to think what we do is very simple and could contribute to the over saturation in dev applicants which makes interviews not very nice for us
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    Ssshhh don't tell them. It's our secret.
    Also whoever thinks searching for the perfect solution (not copy pasta bs) and modifying it to your needs is not a skill needed to be mastered has forgotten what it's like to be a junior dev.
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