Finally decided to quit from my current job. Fuck it. They still don't understand that an estimate is an approximation. They still don't understand that I have to fix all the shit made by all the contractors they hire and pay much more than me to implement solutions that work only until they leave the building, something that many barely understand but pretend to be experts in. I quit because of the managers that have no clue about what's happening although I stress them to make changes.

Should I care less about the product an just ship shit? Should I just do my tasks first and stop really helping others but pretend to do so?

Fuck it. I've tried to get it right they want it wrong but in a nice box. I'm an engineer not a fucking magician.

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    But did you secure another job before quitting?
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    Yes, the good thing I have 2 offers and other 2 incoming. Although I would probably quit anyway... Just tired.
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    Nothing wrong with that, man. Life is way too short to work at a job that makes you miserable.
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    I swear that is one of the worst problems in the industry.
    They think it's just a matter of throwing something together to get out the door...
    Then us developers don't even want to claim it as our project.
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    It really sounds like their loss. Good luck finding another job, though it sounds like you don't need it 😉
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    Brave. Hope all goes well for you
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    Good luck, man, I feel your pain.

    I'm in a similar situation right now.
    Sometimes we NEED to walk out the door...
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    Thank you guys and girls for the kind words. I hope they will learn from it. I'm not the only one leaving.
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    Hey you! Are you me?
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    @elleshort how do you have -3????
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    So strange this kind of thing is so common and seems to apply in all countries.

    I have started analysing the job ads from my own company and figure out the true meaning of the nice sounding words they use. Might help me avoid the same problem in the future.

    Takes initiative = We can't prioritize important stuff
    Social = Stupid amounts of meetings and/or office politics
    Good problem solver = Our code is shit
    Agile = Scope creep and constantly changing goals
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