I misread elgringo-s username and came up with a joke thanks to it:
What does a mexican programmer call a bad white programmer?

Err Gringo

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    Christ, that's terrible
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    @odite yeah, i found out a few days ago that inventing dad jokes might be my new hobby despite the fact that i'm not a dad.
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    this is funny because it makes it loom like all Mexican programmers are somewhat good
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    @AleCx04 and we are good
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    @elgringo *doubt* I have seen enough Mexican code to REALLY doubt our race when it comes to softweare development skilks. Pinche codigo mas horrendo alv, y es curioso, por que se que les meten el chile en la universidad, esperaria entonces ver arquitectura mas brillante, pero hasta ahorita es pura mierda. Claro, no puedo culpar a todo un pais, pero hasta ahorita cuento 40 programadores, todos de los cuales son puro mugrero y me he encargado personalmente de que 4 ya no trabajen con ciertas companias.
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    @AleCx04 no, it does not. it makes no assumption or statement about the quality of mexican (nor white, for that matter) programmers as a whole.
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