I've been CRUSHING it lately, so stoked!!!
**Also, this means that in the near future something will crush me because I have a few subjects on deck I need to lock down.

1. Deno

2. TypeScript(deep dive)

3. CPP (currently 75% done with my 2nd masterclass, first one complete)

4. Multi-platform local device storage (Sqflite/mongoDB/shared preferences/Hive)

5. REST/api/requests/json management && application

6. Implementing Firebase authentication using Apple, Twitter, and mobile OTP

7. Cloud functions && server scripting/automation

8. Intro to embedded systems/OS/kernels

9. Steadily improve my code style, design strategies, and build patterns that are team friendly && provide easier code base maintainibilty

10. Influence, teach, and/or spark the interest of someone new to development in any possible- all that matters is getting new people on board, making sure they are stoked about, and last but not least making sure they feel welcome in the community and are able to start off in the right direction.

cheers, ya fockers!!!!

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