Too true, too true...

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    I was literally just about to rant about new guy taking down a client's production site. Saw this, rant seems unnecessary.
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    At first thought this was about being lucky to have an Acceptance Test environment separate from Stage and Prod..then I got the joke
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    Making a t-shirt with this :)
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    @bondman I might do the same.
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    @jiraTicket I don't get it :( explain pls
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    @rephiscorth You are very lucky, I'm guessing you don't work in a small company.
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    @rephiscorth Explanation :
    it's referring to everyone having at least one environment where you test. but only some have the luxury of that not being the production environment.
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    Hell yeah
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    Enjoy your stress ball :)
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    At my work, we have a test environment and a production environment. However, the productions servers doesn't work without our main testing server. Fml.
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