Just logged in to my StackOverFlow account I made years ago to finally start upvoting good answers. Says it needs me to accumulate enough reputation before I can vote.

I'm not really a *rockstar dev* so will I just have to hunt simple questions and leave answers that get upvoted till I cross that minimum threshold of reputation needed for me to vote?

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    Pretty much, or ask questions that get upvoted.
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    It's probably easier asking questions, but yeah
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    All my reputation on SO comes from a single answer I wrote up years ago. It was a deep dive into a headache inducing bug GC/OS interaction bug.

    still getting upvotes to this day....
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    StackOverflow scares me so I deleted my account out of spite.

    Every time I think about posting a question I get the feeling someone os gonna point out how trash question is.

    I would rather bang my head against a problem for 10 hours than ask a question there.

    On the bright side, this significantly improved my problem solving skills.
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    @WildPotato I could bang your head for 10 hours too. @rutee07 approves?
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    @electrineer yeeaaah that's pretty much a rutee comment.
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    @electrineer Only if I can bang the holes in his head afterwards.
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