Why do job descriptions for ONE developer position, list down ALL the known programming languages, all the web technologies and frameworks available? From java kotlin swift php js jquery node to ionic angular laravel python and what not. Wtf? And this is not one, this is about 70 percent of the job descriptions I see these days!!

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    Because there's a contingent of people from a certain country who have been taught it's ok to just check every box, and access is controlled by people who don't know anything about the field, so the asks keeps getting increasingly more ridiculous.
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    Because some jobs cover a lot of areas, or use different languages for different work.

    The key is working out their primary languages from the list.

    My own job needs Java, PHP, JS, Python, Ruby and VBA 😔, just to get through a regular day.

    I don't need to be highly proficient in all of them, but I do need them regardless.

    They list everything in the hope to find a true diamond in the fields, and ward of useless cv stuffers, but 99.9% of the times as long as you are comfortable with most of the everyday stuff, you'll get in anyway.
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    @C0D4 You should change the job. Or you like to be "Multi tool", using every language.

    I was doing it before, c ? ok, C++ ? ok, php ? ok, java ? ok

    I stopped it. I'll do ONLY C# now (maybe some powershell for QoL).

    But no, any job wth "java" or 'Php" is out. If they don;'t even know what they want, it won't be pleasant to work
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    @NoToJavaScript over time me becoming multi skilled was more of an impatience issue on my behalf, you get to a point your sick of waiting for someone else to do something you just end up doing it yourself.

    And as I said different types of work.
    Java is used for Selenium and Salesforce (well it has its own framework but it's still java based),

    PHP / JS for web.

    Ruby for ci/cd, I didn't get to pick this, it was dropped on me from an outsourced vendor.

    python for data manipulation and vba for the tonne of excel macros I ended up writing over the years.

    It's not a matter of 1 language fits the job, but many do. But yea, waiting on others pisses me off when I'm more then capable of doing it myself.
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    @C0D4 Oh believe my, I agree and understand.
    But once you start “showing” skills like “yeah I’ll just create LDAP record my self”, there is no end.
    “here is a mini script I did to help everyone”

    You will be bombarded with so much shit without any relevance to your actual job.

    I just want to CODE good things. I can help with some scriptring / configuring some shit, but no, it is not a developer’s main job. So now I just blast them with “Ok I can do your script, but it will make “feature they want on main app” about 3 months late”.

    Honestly thing song is in my head a lot recently :
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