What's your opinion on leaving funny notes in comments from time to time? Is it highly unprofessional or you don't mind them if they are sparse?

I found this on GitHub jebej/Schrodinger.jl

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    I think some swearing in comments is important

    Keeps us from going insane
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    I beg for forgiveness from time to time.
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    Funny comments or jokes are ok, if your leaving them behind for a sense of humor or if its a difficult piece of code.

    But I've seen code where there were swear words left behind. Like d&#k, f@_#... Things of the sort. That is very unprofessional and offensive.
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    As long as it doesn't detract from the informativity of the comment — and yeah I wouldn't use the same language as you might use on devRant.
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    Coding is fun enough at it is - so keep the comments clean.
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    Leaving something that turns out to be funny later because of frustration, empathy or other emotion is ok. Swearing is borderline, but I personally would get it. Leaving them to force being funny or to provoke the person doing code review, that's just dumb.

    Don't force it, use it where it makes sense and where it helps understand the code better
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